Do you consider suicide as a possibility? If you are going through a crisis, you need to follow these steps:


Go to the emergency area of your nearest clinic or hospital and ask for help. Tell them that you are not feeling good, that you are thinking about taking your own life and that you need medication.

If you are in the Peruvian territory, you can go to:


Hospital Honorio Delgado – Hideyo Noguchi

Jr. Eloy Espinoza 709, Urb. Palao, San Martin de Porres, Lima, Perú

Central Telefónica :

Hospital Víctor Larco Herrera

Av. El Ejercito No. 600 Magdalena del Mar, Lima, Perú

Central Telefónica:
261-5303 / 261-4907

Hospital Hermilio Valdizán

Carretera Central 1315, Santa Anita, Lima, Perú

Central Telefónica:
494-2410 / 494-2516 / 494-2429

Hospital María Auxilidadora

Av. Miguel Iglesias 968, San Juan de Miraflores, Lima, Perú

Central Telefónica:


Central de emergencia:


Hospital de Salud Mental Juan Pablo II

Plaza Almudena S/N Cuzco

Central telefónica:
(084) 581-700 Anexo 109

Instituto de Salud Moisés Heresi

Calle Piérola 201 Cercado, Arequipa

Central Telefónica:


Contact someone who you know will be able and willing to listen and help. Don’t be quiet about it; tell someone. Don’t feel afraid or embarrassed; no-one will judge you for requesting help.


If you already have a psychotherapist, contact him/her and follow their instructions.

Suicidal thoughts are usually related to different kinds of problems than can be treated. Clients that receive efficient treatment can definitely feel better and even show a full recovery. Even if you have received treatment before, you should consider that this is a process that takes some time.

The fact that you can’t think of other options besides suicide doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. It means that you just can’t see them yet and therefore, you need help in doing so. Therapists can help you with this.

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